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Location workshop in the Danish nature with Mynte Muse

23 of September 2023 10:00

For bookings send email or call +4523450032

Two locations in Northern Jutland

max. 4 participants - 4 hours DKK 1.850,-

Minimum 30 minutes shooting time on each location

100% upon ordering via bank transfer/mobilepay


Benny Rytter


Modeling by the experienced Mynte Muse


Props included, guidance by award wining and exhibited nude photographer Benny Rytter


Release contract, covering all aspects of a contract, including comprehensive usage rights.

* The model and or the photographer arranging the event can not be held accountable for other expenses
than the amount paid by the participant in case of cancellation.


** It is expected that the photographer take care of own accommodation and transport

*** If the photographer want invoice issued, add VAT to the amount stated.

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