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19th & 20th of Feburary 2020


The model is the very senusal and expressive Bongeline

INCLUDED in 1-2-1

  • Apartment 60m2 can be used for shoot (bedroom, two livingrooms)

  • Flash equipment, Profoto D1 and B1 with more than 20 different modifiers

  • You can use bed, fabrics, chairs, Lastolite Hi -Lite and Seamless backdrop (give notice in advance what you want)

  • You can rather simple kill daylight and make a low key studio (15 minues preparation)

  • Model travel expenses 

  • Model expenses to accommodation 

  • Level is frontal relaxed nude ranging to erotic poses, level details is cleared in advance for optimal working conditions for alle parties

The 1-2-1 nudeart is targeted towards photographers knowing their camera, but is open all photographers including those with none or some experience within the art nude genre.

You can buy mentoring/coaching help during your shoot.

19 & 20th of feburary 2020

What you need
A camera, a portrait lens and lens for 3/4 figure, the camera should have a hotshoe for the flash transmitter. 


Two hours DKK €80 four hours €160 - eight hours €300  if you need invoice,  add VAT

Mentoring/coaching help during your shoot: €75 per hour


100% nonrefundable down payment upon ordering. Orders are to be placed via e-mail, payment via banktransfer

Danish participants can pay via Mobilepay, details will be sent when ordering.

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