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Exclusive 1-2-1 location nudeart tour in Northern Denmark


Saturday 1st. of July 2017

The model is the beautiful Anna who have great experience in the artnude and use of of the nature.








We start early 02:00 in the morning heading towards the rising sun in Skagen.

After that we head south for another morning shoot before we drive home to have a few hours rest.

We then have a couple of hours shoot in the studios before we head for the woods and nature again.

We will shoot in a derelict building and we will end the tour at Bulbjerg rock in the sunset.


Fee DKK 1.600 (€210) with 100% nonrefundable down payment upon ordering. Excluding food and beverage

Orders are to be placed via e-mail, payment via Paypal details will be sent.

Danish participants can pay via Mobilepay, details will be sent when ordering. 

The 1-2-1 session also include comprehensive model release with very few restrictions on usability and publishing.

This  is targeted towards photographers knowing their camera, all photographers including those with none or some experience within the art nude genre. There will be included guidance and help during the tour but no camera tuition.

Only 2 seats available Saturday 1st. of July 2017. Maximum 4 participants + me

What you need:
A camera, a portrait lens, a wideangle lens and lens for 3/4 figure, the camera should have hotshoe for flash transmitter. 

Please notice: 
No frontal images, that explicitly expose private parts, are allowed - tasteful angled images are of course allowed.

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