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Michael Ugilt

I recently joined one of Benny Rytters derelict workshops. Without doubt some of the best money I ever spend on photo mentoring.

He gave me a well deserved kick to move me out of my comfort zone in his own gentle and brutal honest way. I have made significant progress on my techniques over the weekend and have truly enjoyed spending a weekend in his cozy company where we discussed everything from nerdy photo details to life essential questions.



I participated in my first ever photography Work shop at Benny Rytter Photography in Denmark and was absolutely not disappointed.


Planning and execution was good as well as the professional model.


Benny Rytter communicates clearly and was active the whole time both guiding and giving creative inputs.



I’ve just returned home from a “Personal nude photography workshop with mentoring” and if I should summarize it in just one word it’s WOW!

I’ve attended different workshops before but this is something completely different. For two days Benny spoils you with his knowledge and valuable input not in just photography but in general terms how to think and act in model photography.

Benny is a very warm, honest and generous man and for these two days I’ve learned more than I ever could had expect. We shot at several different locations, at Benny’s home, his studio and other locations like abandoned house and the stunning sand dunes in northern Denmark. This workshop is for those who want to take their photography to another level than just take nude pictures (and nothing wrong about that), this is something else. He also included a couple of hours to show how he does his post processing.

Benny will give you the tools to make work of art!

During these two days you literary live and breathe photography and creativeness as you the model and Benny works together all days round. It would be rude of me not to mention the stunning model Rebecca Tun that I had the favour of creating images with. I

I’m so freaking (in lack of better word) grateful for this opportunity and thankful for Benny having me at this workshop.



23rd and 24th September 2017, my first ever trip to Danmark.

Benny and I made contact via Facebook a couple of months before and soon came to talk about his
1-2-1 workshops. I attend workshops from time to time and took the opportunity to visit his and get an idea on the landscape of Danmark at the same time. I arrived at Aalborg to find Benny waiting for me to take me to his place in the countryside.

I was pleasantly surprised on arrival. His home has a nice square at the center, looked very nice and blends in with the environment. I got my own room upstairs with a cosy bed, a drink and enough time to prepare for my afternoon shoot.

Our model was the English Helen Wykes who specializes in urbex photography. I had asked Benny for derelict locations which he provided spot on. A cool abandoned factory followed by WWII bunkers on the beach.

We had our dinner (pizza and other pasta goodies) while chatting about photography, had some beers before going to bed only to be up and running at 7am again for my second part of the workshop in his studio.

This turned out to be a spacious room with ready to go backdrops and some nice small windows facing east. Unfortunately for me there was not much light to work with. So I ended up doing both natural light as using flash. The available equipment is professional and easy to use.

After the shoot Benny was kind enough to share his views (at my request) on my portfolio. I gained some new insights as to how to look at pictures, which was greatly appreciated.

Then it was time to go home again. Benny drove me to the airport with time to spare, so no need to rush things.

Overall a very satisfying, well-organised trip with a friendly host. Somewhere in 2018 I hope to return for another 1-2-1.



In November 2016 I was, for the first time, on one of Benny's 1-2-1 workshops. I had the pleasure of the lovely model, Diviana. It was a great experience. Benny guided me through various lightning setups, taught me a bit about model posing, and how to instruct your model. All in all. Those two hours gave me a lot. Next time I will feel more confident working with a professional model. (And I got soooo many great shots for my portfolio) I surely will attend some other time.




I have participated several times during 2016, in well coordinated and planned photographic workshops at Rytter Photography. This is a beautiful place, studio and other shooting locations on the premises supply a plentitude of opportunities and variation to the images.

The benefit from these workshops has been huge. Working with professional model give the freedom to concentrate on the image making and the well prepared location options saves you from the hassle, coordination and all the practical stuff yourself.

If you choose two or three hours, it is a advantage to have made some thoughts beforehand or even bring som props yourself. You can bring your own lighting equipment or you can use the Profoto light tools available (included in the price)

The choosing of models have been excellent, different types to develop variation in the finished images. I have capture so many images that have enriched my portfolio.

These workshops have helped a lot to handle the nudeart genre and photography overall much better. This way of workshop give me a more concentrated experience and focus from both me and the model.

I will definitely participate again, the conditions and pricing are very  competitive, when I consider everything included in the workshop fee (model, contract, studio rental, equipment rental, model accommodation and transport). And the hospitality is outstanding to both the models and the photographers, this result in a relaxing atmosphere.

I definitely recommend participation in workshops arranged at Rytter Photography


I participated in a Rytter Photography workshop with the visiting model Diviana. This was my debut within nude-art. The workshop was fabulously prepared and with kind help from Benny to help with the lighting, props, ideas and posing of the model.

There was a lot different options for setups and backdrops, this made it possible to have many useful and different looking images to the portfolio. The model was very professional and had a huge variation to her repertoire.

My participation in the workshop, has supplied me with many new and great images, I can use for photographic competitions.

This is definitely not the last time I participate in a workshop arranged by Rytter Photography - highly recommended.

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