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Engaging in photo shoots with Benny was an incredibly fun, enriching, and rewarding modeling experience. From the moment I first laid eyes on his photos, I was captivated by their beauty and empowering nature, and I have admired his work ever since. I therefore was thrilled when Benny reached out to me to propose a collaboration.


The way his professionalism came through during our initial conversation over the phone cemented my decision to collaborate with him. He introduced himself as a photographer and explained his working style. He also shared a video compilation of inspirational photographs for us to review together to ensure our visions aligned and to clarify boundaries and expectations. Benny was keen to ensure we had a mutual understanding. His honesty, combined with a genuine concern for clarity, made him very trustworthy in my eyes.


We arranged a two-day photo shoot in Aalborg, during which Benny extended thoughtful hospitality. He personally picked me up from the station, provided accommodation and made sure I had everything I needed during my stay. I felt very cared for, both in and out of the photo shoots. Benny consistently ensured I felt comfortable and safe, and that I had an enjoyable experience.


Benny's expertise as a photographer is also undeniably noteworthy. He meticulously planned the photo shoots, weaving in a diverse array of settings and themes. He had many innovative ideas and clearly articulated his visions while valuing any input I might have at the same time. Benny maintained open communication throughout the photo shoots, readily demonstrating desired poses. After the photo shoots, Benny actively sought feedback, underscoring his commitment to ongoing improvement.


Collaborating with Benny was a joy. His approach made me feel empowered, safe, and valued. This collaboration stands out as one of my most cherished modeling experiences, and I wholeheartedly recommend Benny to anyone seeking a professional and uplifting photo shoot.



It was a true pleasure to work with Benny, he is super professional,

well organized, mindful and respectful of the model.

I would highly recommand to work with him anyday.

Hoping yo see you soon Benny!



I was contacted by Benny on instagram. I had already admired his photos, so we started planning our shoot. Before having our shoot we had a conversation over the phone for approximately an hour, where we talked about and planned the approach of the work. Looked through some inspirational photos, and established boundaries, and went through the contract. 


At the shoot we started with a talk to relax a bit before getting to work. Benny is a very honest and open minded man, with a great listening ear. As we started the shoot in the studio we figured out that we work excellent together, and the hours just went by, and we ended up with some beautiful results. 


His work method is good and fast, finding the great lighting, he quickly catches if there’s a creative way of capturing the photo, tosses himself to the ground(even in snow), and has an eye for the raw mood and good at instructing in case needed. 


Since then we also had a shoot outside on location in mid December with snow. His approach was professional and in big consideration of the models/my well being. He’s experienced and knows exactly how to work, even in minus degrees. A great photographer!


A big recommendation from here, and as you can see we already had our second shoot, and hopefully with a lot more coming. Love working together.

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Working with Benny has been very rewarding on many levels. He took the time necessary to talk me through the whole process and I learned quite a lot, regarding the job as being a model.


Besides being very skilled at what he is doing as a photographer, he was extremely pleasant and I felt I was able to relax and enjoy being in front of his camera.


Benny has really a lot of different ideas to create great images, I was able to give input and this way I feel, we made some awesome images together.


Benny has some very interesting takes on life in general that I will bring with me. He inspired me to think differently on certain aspects when it come to navigate through life and be with people.


His lovely girlfriend and Benny made sure I felt right at home while they accommodated me, I am very grateful for their hospitality.


No doubt I will work with him again if I get the chance and I highly recommend Benny to other models.




Since I started modelling, I have followed Benny on social media because I admired (and continue to admire) his photographic work. After I had only been modelling for a little over three months, Benny reached out to me for a potential collaboration. Working with Benny has been one of the most rewarding things I have done for myself.


I went to stay with Benny and his partner in Aalborg for one day. In advance, we had had a conversation on the phone, talking about our visions for the collaboration, his working process, as well as agreeing upon different poses, expressions and variations that could be made.


Benny hosted me in his cosy home. When I arrived in the evening, I was offered snacks and something to drink. In addition, he had made sure to have plenty of delicious and high-protein foods for the photo shooting the day after. The environment was very relaxing. We had some fun and interesting conversations about photographing and modelling in the nude art genre and society's perception of what it means to create nude art.


In the morning, we drove up north for the first location and from there, to two other locations. All of the locations had their own intriguing atmosphere. It was a wonderful experience in itself to see the beautiful places Benny had picked out.


As a photographer, Benny is dedicated and fun to work with. He is one of the only photographers I have come across, who does not hesitate to demonstrate a pose by himself to explain his ideas.

Even though, he very clear in his visions and knows exactly what he wants, he is also open for new and spontaneous ideas.


Not only is Benny an outstanding photographer. He is also very caring and has a sincere interest in you as a person. Benny is an open-minded and easy-going person, which makes it very easy to talk with him about almost everything. Indeed, a pleasure to be in company with. Benny is very clear in his communication and puts a lot of effort into making his models feel safe. He goes a long way to make sure there are no misunderstandings or boundaries being violated.


During the shoots and in between locations, Benny offered me a lot of great advice on both professional and personal level. When I doubted myself due to my so far very little experience as a model, Benny had faith in me and showed me that I am capable of much more that I than I thought.

Benny restored my motivation to continue modelling and I went home feeling empowered and with renewed energy.


If you want to invest in yourself, I highly recommend a collaboration with Benny.

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Benny Rytter as a photographer, where do I even start?

So far I’ve only experienced one shoot with the man, but I immediately felt his passion of art and photography as well as his incredible charisma and empathy - even during our initial conversation over the morning coffee before our shoot.

It was clear that he is extremely professional, talented and very aware of the dynamic between him and the model. The model has to feel safe with him, and it is very hard not to.

He is calm, funny and full of initiative when it comes to locations, poses and even facial expressions. He is creative and has an impressive imagination, so it is very fun working with him. The final pictures from that shoot is some of the best pictures I have in my portfolio.

I am definitely planning on doing more shoots with this man.And I would recommend every nude art model to consider joining his creative universe.



My experience with Benny turned out to be just as much of a personal journey as a journey into nude art, in which I am totally new.


The most important thing with Benny, and why I had no doubt about working with him, is, that he is so direct and honest. I never once felt unsafe or not appreciated in what I did in front of the camera because I knew, Benny would tell me exactly what he thought.


It became clear to me, that Benny has a passion for helping others just as much as he has a passion for photography. He wants to help empower women to be just the way they are. This resulted in a lot of very honest talks, both before we shot, while driving from one location to another, and again after we wrapped everything up in his apartment. These talks helped me letting go and become the woman, you can see in the pictures of me.


Benny has an eye for every detail – from making sure his models know what kind of pictures they are going to shoot with him, to planning out where to go and what kinds of poses, he thinks, will help enhance your body the most beautiful way.


Before I even went to Aalborg and stayed with him for one and a half days, he took care to arrange a phone call, where we discussed what kinds of photography he is doing. When I arrived in Aalborg in the evening, we spend the time talking and just getting to know each other and each other’s reasons for doing this photoshoot. After spending the next day shooting, he again made sure we ended the session talking honestly about the day and my personal experience with him.


In all, Benny is super careful to make the best experience for his models, super passioned about his work, and also, he offers a lot of good advice on a more personal level. I would definitely recommend doing a shoot with Benny.



“Benny Rytter the gentleman” so the rumour goes…


Through my experience with Benny, I have had the impression of a man with self-awareness and good manners.

He puts a lot effort into creating trust in the relationship between model and photographer, which is probably the reason, I have always felt comfortable and safe working with him.

Benny rather ask one time too many than one time too little, therefore, I never experienced any misunderstandings in our collaboration.


The thorough preliminary talk before our first shoot, was never a waste of time, and I experienced, Benny had sincere interest in my thoughts and feelings about modelling. As a model I felt appreciated.


Furthermore, Benny is a man with high standards and low expectations, understood; he puts the bar for his pictures high and he is uncompromising when it comes to details, but never puts an unreachable pressure on the model. During the shoot Benny is concentrated and focused, but as soon as the camera is turned off, he is quite down to earth even with a sense of humour.


Despite I was a truly newbie, when Benny asked if I wanted to shoot with him, I have always had the feeling that I was good enough, when working with him, which is probably because of Benny’s talent in finding the beauty in every picture he creates, but also given that he guided me very well in posing and how to use my body to show my strength in different ways.


With Benny Rytter I have done both solo- and duoshoots, and the general excperience of both setups, is that Benny deeply cares about the model’s wellbeing and the communication in-between.


Coffee and charisma are the keywords of Benny, - and if that’s not a real gentleman, then what is!?



It's actually quite emotional to think about my experience with Benny Rytter.

I came really close with my feelings, my boundaries and who I am as a person. I could feel from the beginning, our first conversation over the phone, that something was special and intimite about everything. Him as a photographer and a person, the place where he lives, the energies in every shoot we did over the 1,5 days I was there.

I'm in love with the power that comes through in his pictures. The power of being natural, pure and vulnerable. It makes you strong as a model but also as who you are.

Benny Rytter has definitely helped me develop, and shown me that being a nudeart model is my big passion. Not only a passion but also a path full of exciting adventures, challenges, and an open gate to knowing and loving myself and to be the best version of myself.

He is very kind and down to earth, and he thinks a lot about how you feel, your thoughts and that you have to be comfortable with him and with the shoot. That is something very unique about him. The caring , the openness and the interest in you as a person.

I knew that when he liked my poses, it was gonna be a great shot! I felt strong, powerful, in control and beautiful in everything i did. The wall of insecurities, which we all have, was put down more and more during my stay.

My conclusion is that, it's not only about having a shoot with great pictures,  it's the process, the mentality, energies during the whole stay, and Benny Rytter´s  extraordinary talent as a fine art nude photographer.


I definitely recommend you this exciting experience if you want to challenge yourself, generally feel good about your mental state of mind and who you are, as a woman.

Could you see yourself in his pictures?

Then it's a "GO FOR IT" from me!



I felt in love with Bennys pictures the first time I saw them. They touched me. He manages to bring out a certain rawness and strength in the women, which is very unique. And I felt that I could see myself in those pictures.


Last weekend I was lucky enough to get the opportunity, to spent two very enriching and cozy days in Ålborg with him.


Before we even met, we had a long, interesting and honest talk over the phone about things like, why he does the work he does, how he works, what I see and what fascinates me in his work, etc. 


It was already here clearly, that Benny is a passionate artist who puts his whole soul in what he does. I greatly appreciate his directness. Benny says things as they are, and doesn’t wrap anything up. This gives me a sense of security about him. And that I know what to expect.


Personally I’m in a place where I’m still exploring what the erotic form of expression does for me, where my personal boundaries lie, and what my basis is for expressing myself in this way.


My few days with Benny were very much, an important and eye opening step on this journey.

Among other things because, he is fantastically good at advising, and at asking just the right questions.


Benny had prepared everything when I arrived, and had found some super nice and inspiring locations 


I think the picture taking part, was the perfect amount of challenging, intense and fun.  

He knew what he wanted, and gave a lot of feedback, in a way that made me feel confident. I felt that he was pushing me to do my best, and I just loved it.


Furthermore I think Benny was good at continuously checking up on me. On where I was mentally. Which I really appreciate.


I stayed two nights in his cozy apartment. 

Benny is a super good host and felt at home right away.


Thank you for this time Benny!!

Your honesty inspires me, and I got so much out of the time with you.


You get my warmest recommendations! ❤️



I had followed Benny's work for a looong time, and loved it, but didn't think we would work together, so I have to admit, that I was a little surprised, when Benny wrote to me ..but also super curious, and happy! 

But for a lot of reasons, we failed to get a shoot planned, and time passed, and now 4 years later, we finally got a shoot planned, so that was probably why, i was so excited when we succeeded, and found a day, for us to work together.


we wrote a bit back and forth, and before we plan a lot, Benny called me, and we had a really good long talk about his ideas, and thoughts for the pictures, and a lot of other things.

It was a helpful conversation for me, and even though I live in Denmark, it was good to get a lot planned in advance, find out what we were going to do, and hear about the way Benny normally works.


Benny is really organized, and you know what the plan for the day is, before you start working, but there is still room to try new ideas, and have some fun ..and Benny has so many cool photo locations up his sleeve ..just saying

He is a very creative soul, and super passionate about his work, and this passion gives you an energy, I haven't experienced many times before. 

It's a cool energy, and it's cool to be apart of it.


During my stay in Aalborg I was staying in Benny's  apartment, and Benny is a super sweet host. 

We were out food shopping, so I could get what I wanted to eat, and Benny paid for this ..all you as a model, "just" have to concentrate about, when you are in Aalborg working with Benny, is to give yourself a 100% when modelling!


I will say, Benny demands a lot from you as a model, but in a good way, and you will learn a lot, hehe and you will be super tired and sore in your muscles when you leave. 

And the sore muscles, is all worth it!! 

But even though Benny demands a lot from you, he is at the same time very attentive and kind, and makes time for tee/coffee breaks, and often asks if you are feeling okay, which gives you a good sense of security.


It was a big pleasure working with Benny,  and I left with a cool experience ..and I would gladly take the trip to Aalborg again, to work with Benny.


If you wants to have a great and new modelling experience, I will recommend Benny 

I had a lovely trip, learned a lot, felt safe, and just felt I was in a good company all the time.


Thank you Benny, it was exciting, funny, and super cool working with you



I have been following Benny's work since I first started modeling, and I was over the moon when he contacted me about a potential shoot.


We talked thoroughly about expectations and goals over the phone and made clear plans as to how everything should work out. Benny is very straight-forward with his vision and clear in his expectations, which also made me feel completely comfortable sharing my ideas and inspirations and made it easier to talk freely and not worry about facing judgement.


Benny picked me up at the train station and we went grocery shopping for the days that I was going to stay there (he paid for my food and snacks for the whole stay). Every day was filled with interesting conversations and amazing images.


Benny is a charismatic guy, which also clearly shows in his images, everything is thought out and executed to the smallest detail, and the results are stunning, if I should say so myself. There was no point on this trip where I was not aware of where we were going or what we were going to do.


Benny knows some really cool locations, and I felt so inspired and motivated to do my absolute best to get the results we were both going for. Benny pushes you as a model to do the best you possibly can, it's hard work, but it pays off big time when the communication is right and the results basically speak for themselves.


He is attentive and caring, I never felt like I was in an uncomfortable or unsafe position and he really does everything to make sure that you leave with a positive experience and perhaps also some new insight.


I, myself, learned a lot about my own boundaries and how to push myself to the fullest. All in all, it's been an amazing experience and I'll gladly take the trip again some time, because it really is worth all the hard work.


If you as a model have an interest in working with Benny, be ready for sore muscles and a great time with a person who gives his all to ensure stunning images and giving you a whole new out-look on yourself.


Benny has my warmest recommendations, overall such a cool and interesting guy. Thank you for everything, Benny. Definitely not the last time I'm taking the long trip to Aalborg.



I had debated with Benny for a long while on how we could find a middle ground for a potential shoot and I was thrilled when I finally came to visit.

I appreciated that he was straight forward from the beginning and took his time explaining his visions and motivations for creating his art.

He is one of few photographers who wants to see the strong person in me and not a cute staged emotion in a photo, which I have really needed.

His effort in explaining why I should love myself, as the woman I am, made the difference for me compared to other photographers. He figured out what emotional game I had going on and used them in the photos.

Also, Benny was a great host and the weekend was just about me regarding food, photos, and long talks. He was like my talking partner, emotional therapist and coach and I slowly opened up about worries I had etc. and all that made the last day of shooting the best.



To start with, I would like to say a huge thank you to Benny for not only his kind patience and his understanding for my quietness when I was away from home busy and working prior to meeting him, but also giving the same warmth during and then after meeting him.


This generous compassion from Benny had brought a safe catharsis to the end of my heavy tour that I will be eternally grateful for: Benny said prior to meeting me that when I visit him, he will ensure I will have plenty of rest, replenishment with healthy foods and relaxation after all my travelling and then we only shoot if I feel I had the energy. Not only did Benny and I create a beautiful images but Benny's priority was my health and that I returned home with a positive mind. His home was a selfless offering of restoration. Thank you Benny. This offering was extraordinary.


Benny and I exchanged an interest in each others work in October on purpleport then instantly knew we wanted to work together when we connected over a delightful conversation about our purpose and passion in this arty photography world correlating with past times and realistic expectations. I felt an instant understanding to Benny's brain thoughts about life, a realistic approach which I have had a high amount of respect for since. During our conversation Benny was logical, showing me his moodboards of levels, ideas and expectations while having a tender approach to work and creativity. I felt more than safe to visit Benny and I was also very excited to meet him in person. Benny from here, gave me his trust.


After a long journey, Benny had made me feel at home in his apartment for a week with plenty of coffee, healthy food, long sleeps and beautiful conversations. We ate fish, watch the tv and talked long about life. It was great, I thoroughly enjoyed this!! It meant a lot to be ordinary in this way when away from home. Then my energy was back and flowing and we made work. The work was organic, unique and authentic and I believe this was partly due to the long chats, and good friendship that built over the experience of meeting, combined with all of what Benny had taught me.


Working with Benny was again, extraordinary and rewarding. His knowledge is impressive I had learned a lot. Professionalism in a new way, posture from my body I didn't know of, a fresh attitude, shapes, booty. An impressive expertise in this industry that every model can learn from. Oh and Benny has you working VERY hard, for a purpose and a fantastic image.


Benny shown me how I can believe in myself again. Gave me a positive view in life that was efficient  made me stronger minded and then a new way to think in this industry. I genuinely wrote down notes throughout the day because some of the unique approaches I could take in my work that Benny advised were indispensable for me. Then, this combined with creating images where I have strength, power and womanhood.


Benny arranged work with his friends. I was again inspired from them too. Gave me a good feeling of the treasures and talents hidden in Denmark. Very special memorable people. I am again grateful for Benny sharing these gems around him.


Benny and I have spoken about returning for workshops, meeting friends again, possibilities and big plans, ideas, exciting stuff !!!


.... Benny is talented, diverse, exceptional with lighting! has a vision and then creates it. Kind, safe, warm. Then realistic, logic, efficient. Basically its great to meet a fellow person that is similar minded, realistic and a down to earth friendship.


A huge recommendation from me !!! Visit Benny for a magnanimous, warm and cool experience.



I went to Denmark a few days ago for a shoot with Benny.

Pre shoot communication was clear and we agreed from the start what we could create together.

He picked me up from the airport and he took me to a shop so I could choose the food I like as I can be a little fussy about what I eat. He was understanding about this wich was great.

Benny takes his work seriously and he is super professional which makes everything a lot easier and puts your mind at rest and lets you focus on the shoot and the poses.

He knows exactly what shot he's after and he won't take 1000 shots to get 1 good image.

The photographers he arranged for me to shoot with were all polite and respectful.

We shot mostly indoors as Denmark it's not exactly the warmest place on Earth at this time of year but we also had a very quick shoot in a derelict building.

It was raining and freezing but we agreed on the shots we wanted to take from the start and he had a skiing suit for me to jump in and out to keep warm in between the photos. He was quick and considerate which was highly appreciated.

I recommend Benny to any model that wants to have a god time and maybe a new modelling experience.



Few weeks ago I came to Denmark to shoot with Benny.

When he contacted me , We got commun accord on terms and levels we will shoot, i was feeling really good about going to Aalborg and create together as everything was clear since the beginning.

When I arrived , Benny came to the airport to pick me up, we went to a shop to get the food i needed for the few Days I was going to stay.

Just after we straight began to shoot and we had a really good creative process.

Benny has a procedure of shooting that I really appreciate, he guided me and directed me while always letting me the occasion to give my own ideas. ( I highly recommend models to stretch before and after shooting as Benny isn’t joking on the poses he asks ! Of course the result is beyond then worth it )


During the 4 Days I stayed , he booked me some sessions with other photographers from the area and helped them with the lights/ techniques for us to get the best results !


On the last two days we went to différents locations and had a few variety of sets. We went to a furniture designer where we shot some tasteful nude with the furniture. Then we went to a monastery and a abandoned house.

Working with Benny was not only a plus in my portfolio but as well a new way for me to pose, feel and express.


I didn’t see the days pass as we had long discussions about life, photography and how we see ourselves in the society. Talking about all these topics let us understand each other’s better then we got even more emotions In our pictures.

Living with him was really amazing , one day I was feeling a bit home sick and he took me to a gallery where we could relax and get inspired, the same evening we went back to work and we’re ready to create again !


I recommend 100000% Benny as a photographer and models who want to progress in their poses / expressions should definitely come to Aalborg and shoot with Benny!

After coming there, I am more confident on expressing emotions and showing to the camera different aspects of my sensuality that I wasn’t too aware of before.



I am sure this isn’t our last shoot, I am already looking forward for future projects !



I recently had the pleasure of going to Denmark to stay and work with Benny; plus some photographers he had arranged for me to work with.


I was a bit nervous about travelling to Denmark to do this shoot; as it was the first time I had gone to another country for a shoot without meeting the photographer beforehand. However, Benny's communications were excellent - he made sure I knew what to expect from working with him and even sent a moodboard so we could clearly agree on what we was going to shoot. He also gave me information on the other photographers I would be working with.


During the trip, Benny hosted me at his apartment. He wanted me to feel at home and even allowed me to choose what foods I wanted to eat from the supermarket. Over the course of the few days I was there, we had lots of interesting, thought provoking conversations. I felt Benny had become more of a friend by the time I left.


I worked with Benny a few times around the other shoots with the other photographers. The shoots were a mix of location and shooting in Benny's apartment. I had been struggling over the past few months with my confidence and somehow Benny knows exactly how to make you look and feel like a goddess in photos. He has a way of making you work every muscle in your body to get the best angles, the right amount of tension and definition in the body which can be tiring but the end result is always worth it. I knew after the first initial mini shoot with him that I could trust that he would get a photo worthy of hanging on the wall. He's more than just a usual photographer; he's an artist who always has the end image in his mind.


I left Denmark feeling like a different model to when I first arrived & feel like I've regained my old, confident self back that I lost a few months ago & for that I am so grateful.


Thank you Benny 😊



I was a « hidden fan » of Benny.

I admired (and I continue to admire 😊 ) Benny’s photographic style. I was really captured by his vision of images. I saw Women’s beauty, émotions, erotism..

One day, despite my shyness, I dared to congratulate him in writing. 

Even if I’m not an experienced model, Benny gave me the chance to meet him for a photoshooting.

Very quickly we planned the date…it was 3 months after the first message !
During this time, he was trying to know who I was in order to create the shoot.
Benny explains in advance and in details how he considers the shoot, avoiding all possible misunderstandings .

Benny helped me a lot during the session, taking the time to explain the poses.
I sincerely thank Benny for allowing me this session.

I lived a wonderful experience with him.  He is not only a professional photographer but also a wonderful person.



For the models reading this, who want to invest in themselves, who understand that no matter what stage in our modeling careers we always need investments in order to grow - the two days I posed for Benny were one of the most eye-opening, breakthrough experiences I had in my seven years in front of the camera.


I was explained the idea and meaning and purpose of each set we shot, and what are the visual and storytelling attributes of that one timeless shot that Benny's aiming to create with me. That itself was highly inspirational, and Benny offered great insights ranging from mental coaching to muscles and physiology, from color science to behavioral science.


I learned so much in two days and yes, I must admit that achieving a lot of the poses were a struggle for my untrained, 'glam-work-mostly' body, but my mind was happy and 100% present in the moment, never wandering off like it happens on other shoots where you sometimes realize you're not living up to your potential.


With Benny, he'll find your potential, he sees beauty and shapes and characteristics (be it in landscapes or bodies, or minds) in a unique way, he helped me rediscover how amazingly rewarding the true art nudes are, I realized that I have poses, angles, looks and attitudes I can allow myself to perform in this genre, as long as I 'own it' ... Which made me reflect back on the seven years I've been building walls for myself, in my own head.


A collaboration with Benny who's at the top of his game is the best investment in yourself you can get. Our talks still resonate with me, and I am positive that Benny and I have created some shots that will resonate with the audience.


So whether you're an aspiring new talent who wants to take a shortcut and learn as much as you can right from the start, or you're an experienced model perhaps falling back to the posing and thinking routines more and more often, you will benefit immensly from working with Benny. I know I had



Benny has contacted me few months ago (mid May) and arranged a photoshoot with me for August this year in Denmark. The communication was outstanding and I was pleasantly surprised with him going through all the details more in depth of what he would like to achieve with me from our collaboration.

He was very professional and understanding as he knew I wasn't experienced in fine art nude (and erotic style) photography, however despite the fact he was willing to give this a shot for what I am truly grateful for.

Benny’s photography style is something that I admire and I was truly captured by his exceptional artistic approach to the images that he creates and the women’s beauty/ emotions which you can see by the looks of his portfolio.


Benny has hosted me for couple of days at his place and made my stay thoroughly pleasurable at ease. He’s very hospitable ensuring that model is comfortable at all times. Oh! and also he makes amazing coffee!! 

His easygoing approach, fantastic personality and sense of humour made my experience outstanding!


Not only I worked with him but also with other 3 wonderful photographers and it was so nice to see how he was helpful towards them as well when it came to lightning or setup.


When working with Benny you can expect to tension your muscles a bit! lol However it’s definitely worth it!!

We have covered quite few different sets for our images and I couldn’t be more happy with the results!

This was a wonderful new experience for me not only as a model but also changed my outlook on my personal level. I definitely recommend this wonderful Photographer to all the models out there! Not only he’s professional but a wonderful person inside out.


Thank you so much Benny and I am so looking forward to our future collaboration together again!


All the best




Thank you Benny for a great week in your place, it is a nice and cozy apartment, where we did a nice selection a photos. He also provided food for the whole week, which was very tasty. I’ve been well treated while my stay at Benny’s place.


Benny booked me for workshops in Dennark with others photographers, all was in a very profesional way, well prepaired. All the photographers were very nice with a great behave. I’ve been working also solo with Benny, which was a nice experience.


Benny is very pasionate about what is he doing- it’s a joy to see him in the working moode. He has many ideas, knows many beautiful places in his country. I really enjoyed the shooting on the beach, even I was freezing haha.


Benny is very open minded, you don’t have to be shy arround him, there is nothing you can’t talk about with him. He can gives you many life/modeling advices.


Once again thank you for this life experience, I’m more than happy to work with you. Highly recommend you to all models, you’re a pleasure to work with!


Wish you the best in the future!



I've had the opportunity to work with Benny more than once now, and I can say that it is always a pleasure!


He's a dedicated photographer, with his own unique vision which he aims to convey in his work. He's both demanding, and easy to work with. Demanding because he expects the model to give their 100% to strike the perfect pose and mood, but easy because he will offer minute (possibly outrageously painful to follow)instructions. But he is fully aware of his high demands and deeply appreciative of the model's effort to strive for the ideal pose.


Furthermore, he is very open to inputs, suggestions, and opinions, making the model feel very included and present in the creative process.


Regarding the technical aspects of the shoot, he's always well prepared with documents in hand and with the offer of assisting the model with accommodation. He maintains good communication before, during, and after the shoot, follows up on any inquiries and offers support when needed.


Benny is allround a real professional, a great photographer to work with, and a very pleasant, genuine, and entertaining person to be around.


I am personally always looking forward to our next collaborations and I can say that I highly recommend Benny not only for the sheer brilliant quality of his work, but also for the invaluable experience the model gains from shooting with him.


And another plus is that he lets you raid his fridge for food and get all the coffee refills your heart desires. 10/10!



I've had the opportunity to work with Benny more than once now, and I can say that it is always a pleasure!


He's a dedicated photographer, with his own unique vision which he aims to convey in his work. He's both demanding, and easy to work with. Demanding because he expects the model to give their 100% to strike the perfect pose and mood, but easy because he will offer minute (possibly outrageously painful to follow)instructions. But he is fully aware of his high demands and deeply appreciative of the model's effort to strive for the ideal pose.


Furthermore, he is very open to inputs, suggestions, and opinions, making the model feel very included and present in the creative process.


Regarding the technical aspects of the shoot, he's always well prepared with documents in hand and with the offer of assisting the model with accommodation. He maintains good communication before, during, and after the shoot, follows up on any inquiries and offers support when needed.


Benny is allround a real professional, a great photographer to work with, and a very pleasant, genuine, and entertaining person to be around.


I am personally always looking forward to our next collaborations and I can say that I highly recommend Benny not only for the sheer brilliant quality of his work, but also for the invaluable experience the model gains from shooting with him.


And another plus is that he lets you raid his fridge for food and get all the coffee refills your heart desires. 10/10!



It is always a pleasure to work with Benny, he has a creative and artistic mind and knows exactly what he wants and is well prepared.


At the same time there is room for spontaneous ideas , Coffee/ tea breaks, snacks and intresting conversations. 

He is very kind and honest with a professional approach, which makes it relaxing; genuine and fun to work with.


It is important there is a connection between model and photographer and a genuine trust so the work can reach the highest potential and amazing images can be created, this you will have with Benny Rytter for sure.

He is passionate and even though after a shooting your muscles might ace, cause with him you give it all, to make the best photo, I promise the results are worth it!


Everytime I leave after a shooting I have unique images, beautiful composed that tells a story that I can use to my portfolie; and I had a great time


Stephanie Dubois

I had a lovely first meeting with Benny a few weeks ago. Benny went out of his way to be welcoming and helpful on my trip to Aalborg.


I stayed with Benny for just under a week and during that period he had arranged a variety of workshops in various different locations around Northern Denmark.

Benny is very easy to work with, he doesn’t rush his shots, and he thinks about what he would like to achieve with each set he produces.

As a host he is warm and kind, likes my cooking 😝 and is a good conversationalist. We had some fun times chatting and sightseeing.

I found Benny to be respectful and easy to get along with and I have no hesitation in recommending him to other models.



Benny the broker!


What an awesome guy this is 

I contacted Benny because I loved his work and I really wanted to shoot with him, he helped me organise shoots in Denmark and was my host, chef, driver and caretaker... hehe!

Benny is such an awesome person to work with because he is a true artist, he cares deeply about the images he creates and he is a deep, insightful, intuitive and caring person.

He is amazing at direction and I adored the images we created together, he really knows his stuff... especially from the models side which makes it such a fun and interesting collaboration.

He comes highly recommended from me!




At last we finally got to work together at his home in Aalborg.

4 days with this artist and he was an absolute delight, the weekend shoot organised with other photographers was fun, relaxed and I had a great time.

All photographers who showed up were easygoing, respectful, great sense of humour and totally lovely to work with.

As a host Benny was very accommodating, a good don't need facebook or tv because there will be lots of laughs and long talks. A good cook too ;)

Totally fun to be around, respectful, but he is very thorough and direct with his work and what he hopes to achieve.

He takes pride in his work and a talented and passionate artist. He knows exactly what he wants, good eye for details, and will never push a model's level or make you do anything you don't want to do.

Communication was thorough, consent a priority and he knows his art so you are completely in good hands.

Already booked my next photoevent in Aalborg again with Benny and looking forward to it. I really cannot recommend him enough.....

A beautiful soul and a true artist! Very highly recommended!

I've now worked with Benny on more than one occasion


This time I modelled for a several-day workshop organized and taught by Benny in Denmark. I have to say, it was one of the best model workshops I've ever taken part in.

First of all, Benny is a great host. He made me feel genuinely at home at his place. It was a pleasant and harmonious environment in which to work, and I could sense that the workshop clients appreciated this too.

I thought that Benny's workshop methods were very effective. There was a good balance between giving directions, and encouraging the clients to go out of their comfort zone and make the shoot their own.


Benny also invited and expected my input at all times, meaning I felt very present, included and respected. I think this was reflected in the quality of the results.


The settings and locations that Benny laid on were impressively diverse, well planned out and high quality.

I also did some shooting with Benny, and another model. This too was a good experience with great results. Benny gives precise directions, working towards nailing the perfect shot.

So, all in all, I can heartily recommend working with Benny, whether on a workshop or individually. He is a great host, a great photographer and a great person to work with.



I worked with Benny  in Denmark and was simply blown away.

Not only is Benny an amazing critically acclaimed photographer whom exudes a great passion and consideration for his craft; he is also an extremely kind and generous spirit. In fact his professionalism and keen artistic eye is matched by his ability to project a warm and friendly persona at all times. Benny really is a breath of fresh air, a true gem compared to others in this industry! He was a gentleman, professional and highly skilled whom welcomed me with open arms.

My trip spanned over 5 days in which I worked with Benny and two other photographers on a one to one basis. It was highly professional and brilliantly organised, allowing each individual to take full advantage of what Benny has to offer in such a glorious and diverse location. The other photographers I teamed up were just as warm, kind and creative as Benny, I felt truly blessed to meet and work with such talented attentive people who really wanted to create something beautiful with me. Each individual created a very relaxed open atmosphere ensuring I was comfortable throughout and I genuinely enjoyed working with every single one of them.

We all covered a wide variety of different locations, photographic styles and looks. Benny has access to a huge range of settings, ideal for any photographer (or model for that matter) who wishes to broaden their artistic horizons. 3 different coastlines are only a short car drive away. The opportunities for creating compelling images with Benny are endless and the scenes are just sublime!

When shooting with Benny he was highly attentive but direct. He was precise and very thorough. He preferred to take his time; to focus, wanting to capture the essence of his subject first and foremost as opposed to being trigger happy and losing his fire. He knew exactly what he wanted to capture and was very communicative about his artistic visions. His excellent communication skills and deep understanding of the female form was so impressive but more importantly helpful. It allowed me to break away from old habits, transform into different characters and to try new things. It was very inspirational to see how he worked.

In fact working with Benny was an education in itself. Benny possesses a great expertise in not only creating magnetic images of women but what it is that makes women beautiful. He truly appreciates and understands the female form and knows exactly how to utilize it. He spoke to me in great detail on how to get the most out of my look, posing strategies, how to refine my skills, other creatives to draw inspiration and much more. Lessons I will definitely carry with me and put into practice on future projects.

But Benny’s thoughtfulness didn’t stop there! Benny was also a truly fabulous host and catered to me in every way imaginable, creating a very warm and welcoming atmosphere from the get go. He collected me from the airport and greeted me with a huge smile and was full of great conversation. He instantly put me at ease. He ensured we had food and drink to my liking and even did all the food preparation and cooking. I did not lift a finger! During my stay I had my own room and free reign to do what I wanted outside of shooting from helping myself to coffee, chilling with his adorable pets, playing my own music and copious amounts of showers. It really was like a mini holiday! Having never been abroad for a modelling opportunity before, Benny certainly has set the bar very high and many photographers could definitely learn a thing or two from him!

In summary, working with Benny as well as the other photographers that joined in the journey was just a wonderful and somewhat life changing experience. It was such a pleasure to be welcomed into Benny’s world; to work and converse with such a strikingly talented artist and to be in the company of such a kind and interesting soul! He really made me feel at home during my stay so much so that I really didn't want to leave! And what’s more we made some truly amazing and very diverse images.

I’d recommend Benny to any model! In truth I really can’t recommend him highly enough! To work with Benny is nothing less than a fantastic opportunity and one that should not be missed!


I had a wonderful trip to Norway with Benny and Håkon in September, where I had the opportunity to model in some outstanding natural locations as well as in beautiful natural light indoors.

Benny was great to meet and work with. He was kind and enthusiastic and from the outset he was keen to create a good working relationship so that we could create striking images that reflected the best of my abilities and the moods and themes he wanted to capture.

He was always considerate and attentive when we worked in challenging weather conditions, while also determined to make sure we achieved what we set out to do, planning each set carefully and consistently giving effective directions and explanations to truly make the most of our collaboration.

I really appreciate the effort Benny put in to our work together; the generous way he shares his enthusiasm makes working with him a very positive professional experience and this is reflected in the excellence of the results.


I look forward to working with Benny again and can recommend him very highly to other models.


I had the pleasure of spending seven days in Denmark shooting with both Benny and and a variety of different photographers.

Benny's home is warm and cosy filled with pets feeling like a real home from home,with a wonderful calm quiet which is a real treat for somebody living so close to Heathrow.

Benny is an amazing warm, friendly host who made sure I was always comfortable and well looked after despite a busy schedule.

Benny himself is an amazing photographer and mentor, with a wonderfully uncluttered view of derelict locations, a fantastic use of natural light, and huge amounts of patience.

He's also always mindful of his models comfort, even in extreme locations or the very cold sea! A busy shooting schedule was organised like clock work with plenty of time to rest between and his communication before, during and after a shoot is clear, simple, and easy to follow, whilst remaining warm and friendly.

Benny's studio is fantastic, with lovely light and amazing props in traditional buildings, and he organised some amazing shoots and locations with some fantastic photographers, a perfect creative environment!

I can't thank Benny enough for an amazing trip, experience and hospitality, or recommend him enough to any model or photographer looking for a fantastic creative experience.


I spent five day with Benny and his lovely wife in their beautiful home. They were outstanding hosts, I had everything I needed. It was very cozy, surrounded by their pets.

He organized shoots for me with very nice photographers. They were very caring all along, attentive to my needs. I had enough time to rest, just like being on a holiday!

I had the pleasure working with Benny too and I learned a lot from him and he really inspired me. He communicated really well during the shoot, I never had this kind of positive experience.

All in all I had a fabulous time, I met with a lot of interesting people and get to work on creative projects.


I would like to say thank you to Benny and I'm looking forward to work with him in the future.

I can't recommend him enough to those wish to have a lovely time and work in a creative environment.


I had the great fortune that Benny found my website a few months ago, and last weekend I made the trip to his place in Denmark to stay there for a few days for a couple of shoots with him, as well as other photographers that had booked me through him. 


Benny could, without a doubt, be named as one of the absolute most professional and ambitious photographer I’ve ever worked with (and that says quite a lot) but for that he does not lose his warm personality towards you.


One of my occupations is to hold lectures for photographers on how to work with models and how to communicate, which mindset that is the most appropriate; but after this weekend I think I will make my lectures a trip to Bennys place instead and simply show them how it should be done.


Benny is very careful about that everything has to be clear and agreed upon in advance so that there will be no misunderstandings during the work there, an ambition that made the workflow on set easy as pie. He also makes sure you have everything you need during your whole stay, which in my case meant a beautiful room, a robe and comfy slippers as well as gluten free bread, dark chocolate and licorice - and of course lots of coffee.  


Except of being a model (pun intended) in terms of logistics, planning and how he acted towards me as a model, Benny is also a very creative person and with him I got to take my modeling to new creative levels, feeling comfortable and not pushed outside my limits for a second. The images so far looks GREAT, and I just can’t wait to see more of our work together!


Working with Benny is absolutely inspiring, and the most important thing of all is that his warm and open personality, together with his professionalism as an artist and his great creativity, makes it easy to get into character and really feel the emotions you have to work with in search for that perfect image. 


Thank you Benny for an amazing weekend at your place, I still can not understand that a weekend full of work felt like a inspiring vacation with good food, great company from you and Jenny, and my favorite fika - chocolate and coffee. I’m so much looking forward to our next rodeo in September! 


What can I say about Benny :-) 

I had 4 fantastic days in Denmark with Benny.

Benny and his beautiful wife hosted me at their beautiful and big home with his lovely dog and cats and they all made me feel at home and relaxed.


Benny organised a few shoots with other photographers which took place at his studios and on locations. All the photographers I worked with where polite, professional, Creative and I had a really great time 


Benny is also a brilliant photographer and I loved to work with him :-) 

I really recommend Rytter photography to any model who is lucky enough to go and work with him.

I can't wait to go back there again


Benny was so kind to organize a photography ''bootcamp'' for himself and a select few other really talented photographers. I was one of the the models invited to complete the team.


I was really impressed by how well he organized the shoot and tented to everyones needs. He even got me as much fruit, vegetables and beans as I asked for because I don't eat meat. If I needed something he would run of to get it. The perfect host! Not forgetting his lovely wife (you are lucky Benny!) who also did her every best to make the whole weekend fun and relaxing.


His house/studio is just AMAZING. It's a lovely old farm in the Danish countryside with a good mix of studio, more modern and just urbex old places to shoot at. A wonderful forest just a few minutes away. Cats and a dog who will fabulously pose with you and a good arrange of furniture, backdrops, lights, whatever you need.


Apart from his talents as an organizer Benny is also a very very good photographer who understands light and poses really well. I don't get often that I totally trust a photographer to pose me. He was also very communicative about his ideas and vision, which I really like so I'm able to better understand how a photographer thinks and how to pose for him.


You where lovely Benny! Thank you so much.

I would absolutely recommend models to shoot with Benny Rytter if they get the chance.


I had the pleasure of working with Benny at his place with a large number of possibilities. I had planned with him to come saturday evening after another shoot and then shoot with him and one other photographer. A huge thanks to Benny and his wife for inviting me into their welcoming home.

Before shooting Benny presented me for all ideas that he had planned before my arrival and we cleared off boundaries. I never felt pushed into something I didn't want. The shoot went very well - we shared ideas, got a lot of great pictures. Benny is very focused on the model's well-being. I got all the breaks I needed .

Other from being the perfect photographer, he was also the perfect host. He helped during my shoot with the other photographer, helped with the light and so. I believe that Benny host great workshops too, so if I got the change of working at one of his workshops, I would definitely do it.

I will give my full recommendation of working with Benny and at his workshops to both photographers and models.


I was very fortunate to be picked as one of the models for Benny's esteemed nude art workshops two weeks ago. 


Not only did I have a wonderful time in Denmark, we made some truly stunning photos that weekend. Benny is not only a very high-calibre photographer, but a lovely, warm, genuine person! I was really ill with a stomach bug for the duration of the weekend, which made life incredibly difficult, but I couldn't have been in better hands and was extremely well taken care of by Benny and his partner.


Benny's workshop was undoubtedly one of the best workshops I've ever modelled for. He is highly recommended, to both models and photographers, especially those interested in learning the art of nude photography from a real professional. Thank you Benny!!!


Had a wonderful time shooting on Benny’s workshops and with Benny himself! Benny and his wife were extremely welcoming and accommodating, they made sure I was fed, watered and comfortable throughout my stay and were lovely hosts! Before I came over Benny asked what food and beverages I liked and ensured they were well stocked, which was very nice!


The workshops Benny hosts are extremely well organised, Benny is a great photographic teacher and ensures that all the candidates and myself are happy throughout. Benny also possesses a fantastic property with gorgeous natural light and very well equipped studio lighting. There a range of sets and props available to shoot with and altogether it means many gorgeous images can be achieved.


As a photographer it was lovely to work with Benny, he has a very clear idea of the images he wants and communicates his ideas well with a model during a shoot. He is very easy going, relaxed and fun to work with. It goes without saying that Benny is a brilliant photographer, we managed to achieve a great variety of very beautiful images, it was great!


In all I would highly recommend Benny, he is a lovely guy, organises fab workshops and an excellent photographer, what more could you want! 


I had a very nice shooting weekend with Benny. He is very detail oriented and has planned everything very well before my arrival. He introduced me with the program and how is it going to be.

The stay at his beautiful home was really cosy and I couldn't have better. I had my own big room and all the amendities I could have wished for. I felt very welcome and comfortable. There was even a makeup table with mirror and lights and a warm, soft robe (good for models that don't have their own robes with). Benny and his lovely wife offered everything for my well being, even the dinner was excellent!

The shoots at the workshop was very relaxed and no-stress. The photographers were nice, polite and creative. They were very different from each other that in the end you get a lot of different kind of pictures.

Benny's home offers a lot of various setups for the shoots both at the studio and barn (beautiful vintage style furniture that complements nude-art so well). It is amazing how much energy, ideas and work he has invested in this workshop project – to make it great both for models and photographers.

In general Benny is a very nice and easy to work with photographer. He has a lot of his own ideas, he is professional and skillful, he has a knowledge the others can learn from and he is very dedicated and energetic.

I fully recommend his workshops to other photographers and models. You will have an amazing experience and you will want to return back! 120% satisfaction guarranteed!


Not sure where to start with this one! Too much amazingness!

I had a brilliant few days in Denmark thanks to Benny. I cannot recommend him enough to both models and photographers wanting to experience fun and professional workshops in a friendly and comfortable environment.

Benny and his Partner Jenny made me feel so at home and welcome throughout my stay and I'm so thankful! I also worked with numerous creative photographers that I can also recommend- My stay was full of variety and flew by I can only hope I get another chance to go again!

I was also lucky enough to work with Benny during our free time from the workshops. He is such a creative and dedicated photographer- full of ideas and inspiration! I'm so impressed with all the work he has put into the studio and the barn to make for one of the most varied settings i've had the chance to work at. There is so much opportunity and variation that the possibilities there are pretty endless! I'm so happy with the images so far! 

Keep up the amazing work Benny and hopefully I'll get to see you at some point in the near future Xx


I had a fantastic weekend working with Benny in Denmark, pre comes where excellent and I knew exactly how the weekend would be planned.

Benny hosted me at his beautiful home with his lovely wife and I was really made to feel at home and relaxed.

Benny organised a few shoots with other photographers which took place at his studios within his home grounds, all the photographers I worked with where polite, professional, Creative and I had a really great time!

Benny is also a brilliant photographer to work with and made the process a truly collaborative one, I felt comfortable at all times as Benny's mannar is both professional and friendly.

I really recommend Rytter photography to any model who is lucky enough to go and work with him.

I also recommend any photographer to work along side Rytter photography during workshops or in his studios.

I can't wait to go back there again next year!


Through al photo-shoots I had, Benny is the most existing and creative artist I have been shooting with. He's always prepared and know what kind of message he wants out of the picture, but still give free space for the model to express her/himself.

He is a photographer that looks for expressing, beauty and a story to tell through his pictures.

Planning is always top, but still room for spontaneous ideas.

The best thing is that the model can chose al the snacks and food from the grocery store for the trip, cause the most important thing for Benny is that the model have a good time and energy to cooperate for making art.

When I arrive to the house in Aalborg, there is always a nice room, cats, a dog, food and time to both work and rest.

I feel very welcome and home there.

I will definatly recommend other models to work with him. It's not often I experienced a photo-shoot where I feel that is both professional, fun and creative work- and holiday at the same time.

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